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Get a head start on your biggest competitors and boost your ROI with Leadsbyfone

Leadsbyfone is the simplest and smartest way to grow your businss. Pay only for genuine landscaping leads from the internet to your telephone. Between the monthly maintenance jobs and the high-end build/design jobs, we generate for our partners $50,000/yr in annual revenue on average.

Lawn Care & Landscaping Leads

Every day, homeowners and business owners across America search the Internet for landscaping and lawn care companies they can trust. They need you, but the question is this: how can they find you?

Become a partner with LeadsByFone and starting receiving high quality phone leads like these:

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Wes Wiliams, Upstate Proscapes, Greenville SC.

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Chris Brand, Mean Green Lawn Care, Columbus, OH

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David Scoma, KC Lawn Masters, Kansas City, MO

LeadsByFone connects customers with companies like yours.

Here’s how it works. Someone needs lawn maintenance, a yard cleanup, a retaining wall, or some other landscaping service. They go online to find a landscaping provider and your ads show up in the search results They click on the ad and we direct them to their nearest landscaping service provider - you. They call the phone number on the website. Your phone rings. You hear a message saying, "lead from LeadsByFone," and you find your customer waiting for you on the other end of the line.

Let's take a look at the facts...

Landscaping average partner revenue

Our partners averaged 12 leads per month over the course of the year. Naturally there were more leads per month during the season and fewer off season.

Our partners closed on average 1 out of 3 leads to a job. Not EVERY lead converts to a job. What makes our closing average so high is that the customers call you.

The average lawn maintenance job value is $1,200 in annual incremental revenue. And if you're as good as many of our partners, you'll keep this customer for many more season, and you only pay ONCE for the lead.

The average monthly increase in annual revenue is $4,800, or over $50,000 per year.

The best part of all is that you only pay for the leads you get.

You don’t have to pay for ad space or clicks or impressions or page views. In fact, you don’t even pay for all of the phone calls you get from us – only the ones that are genuine sales leads.

It’s a simpler, smarter way to grow your business.

You know how to get the job done. We know how to get leads. As specialists in the landscaping industry, we know exactly what it takes to help more customers find your business. So let’s get started today. Simply click Apply Now and fill out the information form.

Here’s how you get new leads:

  1. Become a LeadsByFone Partner

  2. Answer your phone when it rings

  3. (There’s no step 3 – it’s that easy)

Here’s what you don’t have to do:

  • Design and build your own website

  • Run your own online advertising campaign

  • Become a search engine marketing guru

  • Pay for every click and impression

  • Try to "get your name out there"

  • Worry about click-through rates and conversion

  • Waste money trying to out-advertise competitors

What makes LeadsByFone great for your business?

  • You only pay for real leads – we’ll send every call we can your way, but if it’s not a real sales lead you won’t have to pay a penny for it.

  • You get exclusive access to leads in your territory – all of the leads we get for your territory will go straight to your business. You don’t have to share leads with anyone.

  • You get a professionally designed website and online marketing – you don’t have to build a website, run an ad campaign, or monitor search engine rankings. We do it all for you. All you have to do is answer the phone.

  • You get recordings of each customer call – this makes it easy to track leads and also gives you a helpful tool for training and monitoring your customer service team.

  • You get a quality, customized website – we provide all our affiliates with a customized LeadsByFone website that has your name, logo, and business information on it.

Why LeadsByFone is so appealing to your customers.

We attract more business for you because we know what it takes to get customers’ attention. We use the very latest search engine marketing techniques and keep our website highly optimized.

All you have to do is answer your phone!

Apply for Your Territory

If you’re ready to add an additional $50,000 in landscaping revenue to your business, APPLY NOW for your territory. Our VP of sales will contact you when your territory application is received.

You can also call our sales VP at 1-877-667-8111 for more information.Hurry! We only accept two partners per territory! Find out if there is an opening in your area.

We generate Quality Leads for companies Nationwide!