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Get a head start on your biggest competitors, boost your ROI with Leadsbyfone

Leadsbyfone gives you the advantage you need to rise above the competition. Pay only for genuine roofing leads from the internet to your telephone. Between residential roof replacement jobs and the high-end commercial roofing jobs, we generate our customers $100,000/yr in incremental revenue on average.

Roofing Lead Generation Services

Leadsbyfone is the industry leader in lead generation for the roofing industry. We are a trusted source for the consumer who is experiencing roof damage issues. We are internet advertising experts, thus allowing you to focus on growing your business while we get prospects who need your services calling you. We get the leads - you get the business.

Leadsbyfone Connects The Customer With You

How does the Leadsbyfone model work? Simple. Somebody comes home to a tree through their roof. Or they are watching TV when water begins dripping through their ceiling. Or maybe everybody else on the block got their roof replaced and they are just now realizing what an incredible eyesore their roof is. They go online and Google “roofing contractor”, and are promptly taken to our site, They enter their zip code or call the number and are instantly connected to a qualified, top level roofing firm in their zip code, namely YOU. Your phone rings with the announcement “Another lead from Leadsbyfone”, and you answer a call from a qualified lead who is ready to do business today.

You Only Pay For The Leads You Get

Leadsbyfone eliminates the need for expensive and time consuming in house marketing campaigns or advertising plans, and best of all, you don’t have to pay for every call that you get from us. You only pay for those that are genuine, qualified sales leads.

So What Is Your Part In All This?

Well, we may be the marketing gurus, and we may be able to get leads to your door, but it is still your service and your business, so you still have to close the deal and get the job. Leadsbyfone partners with roofing contractors across the country, so we have a handle on the marketing, and we know how to get customers to your door through e-mail or a phone call. The Leadsbyfone marketing plan allows you more time to focus on doing what you do best, running and growing your business.

Getting started is easy. Click on the “Apply Now” button and enter your information. Once that has been reviewed, you will attend a free online webinar designed to tell you all about our various services, and this allows us to answer any questions you may have about the process.

How Do You Get New Leads?

  • Become a Leadsbyfone partner.
  • Answer your phone when it rings or respond to an online e-mail request form.
  • And that’s pretty much it!

Stuff You No Longer Have To Worry About

  • You don’t have to design and maintain your own website
  • No more online advertising campaigns with questionable results
  • No more learning search engine marketing, more time to develop your business!
  • No more paying for every click or impression
  • No more trying to “get the word out” on your services
  • No more sweating over click through rates or conversion
  • No more chasing the rabbit of constantly trying to out-advertise your competition

The Leadsbyfone Benefit For You

You only pay for real leads. We will drive as many calls to you as possible, but you only pay for those that are genuine, qualified sales leads.

Exclusive access. Unlike other lead generation companies, which take one lead and send it to three or four different companies in the hope that one will pick it up, Leadsbyfone works with you to establish a territory, with all leads in that territory coming exclusively to you. There is no overlapping, no sharing, and no squabbling over leads with our other clients.

Your own website and online marketing. You’re in the roofing business, not advertising or web design. Focus on doing what you do best and let Leadsbyfone create an online presence for your company, coordinated with an aggressive marketing plan designed to allow you to continue developing your business and being successful.

All Leadsbyfone calls are recorded and all forms filed to ensure quality service. You will have full access to all the recordings and forms for every Leadsbyfone lead; this allows you to keep track of the leads and provide excellent quality control for your customer service representatives.

How Our Service Benefits Your Clients

In a market flooded with options, people are looking for a company that they can trust. One great job, done right the first time, is often enough to make a customer for life. The Leadsbyfone 4-Point Promise helps make for a positive experience for your clients:

  1. Quick response - Leadsbyfone partners offer quick response, able to begin work on a project when the customer wants, not when it is convenient for the company
  2. Free estimate - No obligation, no pressure, just a good faith estimate of the time and finances required to do the job properly
  3. Complete Roofing Services – From minor repairs to major restoration and replacement projects
  4. Hassle Free Process - All of our providers are licensed and certified with a staff trained on the latest equipment and procedures
We generate Quality Leads for companies Nationwide!