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Tree Removal Leads

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Tree Care Service Providers

Get a head start on your biggest competitors, boost your ROI with Leadsbyfone

Leadsbyfone gives you the advantage you need to rise above the competition. In today's market, your company needs new and innovative ways to get ahead. Leadsbyfone accomodates those needs. We offer a simple solution to lead generation, pay only for genuine sales leads from the internet to your telephone.

Tree Care Lead Generation

Tree care services aren’t exactly something that is needed every day, so when it is, people may not know who they should call. Which company offers quality service at the best rates? Who can they trust? And how can they find a reputable company out of all the listings available? We are dedicated to this industry and only service one other industry, water damage, so we can laser focus on your industry.

Leadsbyfone connects these customers with YOU

Our process is simple. Somebody has a downed tree in their yard, or they want space for a storage shed and need a number of trees cleared from their property, or perhaps a tree died long ago, or they need a stump removed, or properly treated and saved. Whatever the case, when they go online to search for tree care services, they discover our website, They enter their zip code and are instantly connected to a professional, certified tree care provider in their immediate area….namely you. Your phone rings with the message “Another lead from Leadsbyfone”, and you answer the call from a real customer.

You only pay for leads you get

You can eliminate the guesswork of in house marketing or advertising campaigns, and you don’t have to pay for every call that you get from us. You only pay for those that are genuine, qualified sales leads.

What’s your part in this?

Well, you’re the one actually doing the work. We are the ones driving business to you. Leadsbyfone networks with tree care providers across the country, so we know the business, and we know how to get customers to call or e-mail you for a free estimate. Getting started is as easy as a mouse click. Click on the “Apply Now” button to get started. Once this information is reviewed, you will be able to attend a free online webinar to learn more about our services and allows us to answer any questions you may have.

Here’s how you get new leads:

  • Become a Leadsbyfone Partner
  • Answer your phone when it rings or respond to an online estimate request form.
  • (There’s no step 3 – it’s that easy)

Here’s what you don’t have to do:

  • Design and build your own website
  • Run your own online advertising campaign
  • Become a search engine marketing guru
  • Pay for every click and impression
  • Try to "get your name out there"
  • Worry about click-through rates and conversion
  • Waste money trying to out-advertise competitors

How does Leadsbyfone benefit your business?

You only pay for real leads. We send as many calls and estimate forms to you as we can, but the only ones you pay for are the genuine, qualified, sales leads.

Exclusive access. Unlike other lead generation companies, who will take a lead and send it to three or four different providers, Leadsbyfone works with you to establish your territory, and all leads in that territory will be sent straight to your business. No overlapping, no sharing, and no fighting over leads with our other clients.

Your own website and online marketing campaign. Forget about creating sites, running ads, or keeping on top of search engine results. We take care of all that for you, establishing a custom Leadsbyfone website with your company logo and information and marketing your business aggressively. This allows you to do what you do best, running a successful business.

All of our calls are recorded and all forms are filed to ensure quality service. You will have access to the recordings and forms for every Leadsbyfone lead, allowing you to keep track of your leads as well as providing quality control for your customer service representatives.

What our service means for your customers

Homeowners or businesses seeking your services are looking for someone they can trust, and it only takes one good job to make a customer for life. The Leadsbyfone 4-Point Promise helps assure a positive experience for your clients:

  1. Immediate Response – All Leadsbyfone partners provide 24/7 service, with onsite response in 90 minutes or less for emergency tree removal.
  2. Professional Service – All Leadsbyfone service providers are licensed, bonded, and insured, with professional staff trained on the latest in tree removal equipment and techniques.
  3. Complete Tree Care Service – Our providers will not only remove problem trees or stumps, but see that they are properly recycled or otherwise disposed of. They can also assist with your year round tree care and trimming needs.
  4. Hassle Free process – if the problem is covered by insurance, our providers can work with your agent or claims adjuster to work through the red tape and provide a detailed list of all services performed.
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